Who is Sergio Arau:

As a multi- (un) disciplinary artist, Sergio Arau's body of work is extensive.  On the visual front alone, his work as film director for A Day Without a Mexican, served as a banner for the immigration movement we witnessed in 2006.  An illustrator (Mexico public education text books 5 million circulation), a political cartoonist, (founding member of major daily newspapers La Jornada and Uno + Uno and La Garrapata Magazine) and formal painter (over 32 gallery exhibits), Sergio Arau's designs have found their way into film, music videos, record/CD covers (Café Tacuba, Molotov, Pepe Aguilar, Jose Manuel Figueroa).  His tattoo work with film director, Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, The Sacred Mountain) in Santa Sangre (Holy Blood) was internationally celebrated.  As a musician, Arau and his group, Botellita de Jerez (1983-88) began what is now known as 'Rock en Español'.  His fusion of traditional/contemporary Mexican sounds with classic rock'n'roll gave rise to 'GuacaRock'. Botellita's "Naco es Chido" (1985) became the battle cry of a generation and continues into today, having found its way into the tee shirt & sticker market.  Arau designed the group’s instruments and look and creating the  "Charrockero" fashion and artwork that came to be known as ArtNacówww.SergioArau.com